Why Choose Superocean Children's Sandals

Why Choose Superocean Children's Sandals

18 Jun, 2023

Summer is coming! The sandals also become the hot sell products again in the children's shoe market. Do you get a good preparation for your store for the purchase of children's sandals? If you are not or want to get more children's sandals for your store, you can take Superocean, a professional children's sandals factory, into consideration. Here are the benefits of buying our sandals!

Various Color Available

A wide array of colors are available in our sandals, so you can determine the color that you love or perfectly match your store style. The white color sandals are a pair of all-match shoes, so they can be well spent with any style of clothes. The purple color sandals tend to be good shoes to show personality, due to their outstanding color.

Material Customizable

As all we know, each material performs a special texture and wearing experience. Then, different types of sandals in Superocean adopt different upper material and lining materials to let you know we have a wide raw material available such as artificial leather, 2nd pig leather, mesh, etc. Moreover, you also can get a hint that we can handle various types of materials.

Wide Size Range

Generally speaking, for children, children's sandals are a shoe that frequently gets changed, because they grow fast, as a result, the sandals may not fit their feet after a period. Therefore, the size of the sandals may be one of the most important factors that the buyer shop in your store.


If your store has a complete size of the sandals, the buyers may think your store is a pro and take their children to your store to buy the sandals when it is necessary. Superocean offer 26-38 size sandals and support customized size order. In other words, Superocean would help you build up a comprehensive and professional shoe shop.

Multiple Features

Our shoes also have excellent features to impress you and your customer. First, designed by our talented R&D team, all our sandals are fashionable and in trend. Therefore, it would let your store become one of the modern trend leaders in sandals. Second, with rich professional knowledge and mature shoe manufacturing techniques, the sandals we made are excellent, flexible, and durable. Third, we also make the sandals meet the children's activity needs, so the sandals have good cushion features.

Here are some of our best children's sandals odm.

Children's Chunky Sandals odm

Children's Chunky Sandals odm

The leopard print children's chunky sandals feature a trendy and fashion-forward design that adds a touch of style to any outfit. The eye-catching leopard print theme color is both playful and versatile, making these sandals a popular choice among children and parents alike. Customization options are also available in this model of sandal, allowing you to explore different color variations to suit your brand's aesthetic.

This model of sandals is made with premium materials, including action leather for the upper and 2nd Pigskin for the lining and insole. The use of 2nd Pigskin ensures optimal comfort and sweat absorption, keeping children's feet cool and dry during hot summer days. The TPR outsole provides excellent grip and traction, preventing slips and falls while kids explore and play.

Children's Sporty Sandals odm

Children's Sporty Sandals odm

This model of children’s sporty sandals is a good option for active kids who want both comfort and style. Made from superior materials and with an advanced shoe design, this model of children’s sporty sandals can provide excellent support for growing feet, making them ideal for everyday wear. Also, Made from action leather and textile materials, children have a breathable and comfortable wearing experience. The mesh lining adds an extra layer of comfort and allows for better airflow, preventing sweat buildup.

This model of the children’s sporty sandals is available in a range of stylish color options, including Navy blue, Beige, and Black, allowing your child to express their personal style. You also can make the specific needs in the color design.

Children's Orthopaedic Sandals ODM

Children's Orthopaedic Sandals ODM

Aiming to let the kids can wear the sandals all day long without being uncomfortable, this model of children's orthopedic sandals is designed to be made from quality material and ergonomic design, so our sandals will support their active lifestyle from school to playdates and everything in between while ensuring maximum comfort.

What sets our walking shoes apart is their impeccable fit. Adjustable straps and cushioned insoles mold to your child's feet, providing a perfect fit and unmatched comfort. No more complaints of sore feet or discomfort—our sandals will keep your little ones happy and on their feet.


All in all, Superocean children's sandals are a good option for shoe stores and shoe brands. We have a self-own factory and design team, so we give you a stable product supply and ODM&OEM service. Whether you're a retail store, school, or organization, we can tailor these sandals to meet your specific requirements.

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