Superocean participated in the 132nd Canton Fair in October 2022

Superocean participated in the 132nd Canton Fair in October 2022

15 Oct, 2022

During this virtual canton fair, our sales managers Sarah and Olina presented our company’s corporate histories and some of our latest product developments to our online audiences.


During the introduction of our company, our sales managers highlighted how we have evolved from a small family business into a market leader in designing and manufacturing children’s footwear. For the past thirty years, Superocean’s products have been exported mainly to Europe and North America, gradually expanding to many more markets. We are capable of providing a wide range of selections such as leather shoes, orthopedic shoes, sneakers, boots and many more primarily due to our strong R&D capabilities and good collaborations with experienced external forces. Going forward, we will continue to invest heavily in our product developments and offer more variety of frontier designs for our global customers so that they can stand out against their competitors.


In the live-streaming sessions, we presented our display rooms with some of our latest developments. For example, we recently developed a new collection of fashionable orthopedic shoes which many customers adore. Traditional orthopedic shoes are more function-driven, and the color tones are dull compared with other trendy designs. With the support of our Italian design partners, we have developed many more trendy orthopedic shoes designs that more children can widely accept.


We also introduced some of our latest development in fashion boots, winter boots and sneakers. Our fashion boots include some of the best sellers in the Easter European markets. Winter boots collection development has long been our greatest strength and we continue to emphasize selecting the latest endurance and cold resistance materials.


Our canton fair platform will continue to display the product information and the recordings of our live streaming sessions. Please scan the below QR code we review. We welcome you to view our websites for some of our latest development and also encourage you to contact us so we can show you a more comprehensive product catalogue.


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