Where to Buy OEM Children’s Shoe?

Where to Buy OEM Children’s Shoe?

28 Jul, 2023

As a newly-built children's shoe brand and store, you may encounter many concerns in the selection of the oem children’s shoe manufacturer and supplier, even have no idea about it, as a result, you can not find a trusted children’s shoe manufacturer or supplier.


Fortunately, the author would recommend a professional and trusted children's shoe manufacturer ---- Superocean. In this post, the author will reveal the oem and why choose Superocean to get the oem service.

What is OEM?

OEM stands for "Original Equipment Manufacturer" in the context of children's shoes. In other words, shoe manufacturers can manufacture children's shoes based on the specifications and designs provided by another brand or company.

The OEM children's shoe manufacturer is responsible for the production process, including sourcing materials, manufacturing, quality control, and sometimes packaging. As for the brand or company that provides data and designs maintains control over the design, marketing, and distribution of the shoes.

school shoes oem

School Shoes Oem

Rich manufacturing Knowledge of Children's Shoe

Superocean has long-standing expertise. Superocean has been in the children's footwear market since January 1993, which means we have accumulated over 30 years of experience in designing and manufacturing children's shoes. This extensive period of operation has allowed us to gain deep insights into the industry and understand the specific requirements and preferences of their customers.


By concentrating exclusively on children's footwear, Superocean has been able to specialize and dedicate all its resources and efforts to this specific niche. This focused approach has likely allowed us to develop a comprehensive understanding of the unique challenges and demands of producing shoes for children.


Superocean creatively integrates traditional craftsmanship and technology. Superocean's production facility in Guangzhou integrates traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology and innovation. This blending of traditional expertise with modern manufacturing techniques may allow us to deliver high-quality, durable, and fashionable children's shoes.


Reliable and Stable Production Supply

First, Superocean’s integration of traditional craftsmanship and technology ensures a harmonious balance between skilled artisanal techniques and efficient, modern manufacturing processes, contributing to a reliable and consistent production line. Second, to meet the growing demands, Superocean owns 5 assembly lines and a large facility. Then, Superocean has a 3 million pair per year production capacity. Third, Superocean provides two ways of working with them - ordering from inventory or developing custom-made products. This flexibility ensures that they can cater to different customer needs, offering a reliable supply of ready-made products or partnering with clients to create exclusive designs.

children's school shoe oem

Children's School Shoe Oem

Certificated and Durable OEM Children’s Shoes

Superocean has uncompromising quality assurance. Superocean adheres to strict production protocols and rigorous testing standards, ensuring that each pair of children's shoes meets the highest internal quality benchmarks before reaching customers.


This commitment to quality instills confidence in the durability and longevity of the footwear, providing children with reliable and long-lasting shoes. Moreover, Each pair of Superocean’s children's shoes is certificated with independent authority testing approval. Therefore, the shoes not only meet internal standards but also comply with external industry benchmarks, providing an extra layer of assurance to customers.


Also, in shoe innovation and production, Superocean has multiple patents registered for footwear technologies, so Superocean demonstrates a commitment to continuous improvement and groundbreaking solutions and is qualified to OEM your special shoes.


In the design, Superocean's relentless pursuit of innovation and creativity is evident in its diverse range of over 20,000 fashionable footwear designs. Therefore, Superocean has excellent fashion taste in the children's shoes and can understand your shoe design concept very well.



Superocean is a well-known children's shoe manufacturer and supplier in children's shoe oem, offering a complete and thoughtful OEM service. With our excellent manufacturing ability and outstanding aesthetic, we believe that we can understand your design concept very well and manufacture the perfect children's shoes that meet your specific needs.

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