5 Benefits of Ordering School Shoe Odm in Superocean

5 Benefits of Ordering School Shoe Odm in Superocean

30 Jun, 2023

Are you still hold a conservative attitude about Superocean's shoe products? Are you worried about the quality of our school shoes? In this post, the author would illustrate why Superocean can be your reliable and trusted school shoes manufacturer and supplier!

Excellent Design Team

First, we have a long history of manufacturing shoes and rich knowledge of children's shoes. Based on our rich knowledge and experience, we deeply understand the shoe material features and the children's physical conditions, so we can provide you with a practical and comfortable shoe design. Second, we have a deep collaboration with the Italian-based shoe design studio, WorkShop, and have a  creative R&D team, we are capable of offering you the latest and classic school shoes design to meet your needs in the design.

Therefore, the design of our school shoes is the perfect combination between aesthetics and durability.

Reliable Production Line

First, we have our own production line, so we can completely grasp the whole manufacturing process and the product testing to ensure the delivery of the shoes to you punctually and the shoe quality. Second, established in 1993, our production process, method, and equipment have got a great improvement. And, our production line also become more perfect, advanced, and high-efficiency. Third, we also insist on integrating traditional craftsmanship with the latest technology and innovation. Therefore, our school shoes would present you with excellent durability and a great aesthetic.

Strict Product Testing

During the whole production process, we strictly follow protocols to ensure every detail of the shoe is good enough. And, we also have strict and complete product testing on our own. In other words, we would let our products undergo thorough testing and must meet our internal standards before reaching our customers. Our school shoes received ISO9001 and GMC certifications in 2013 and ISO13485 certification in the subsequent year. Furthermore, if necessary, we would get the independent authority testing approval to meet your specific requirements.


school shoes supplier

School Shoes Supplier

Customized Service Available

With a self-own D&R team and an independent production team, we have the confidence and capability to provide you with a fantastic customized service. If you want to develop custom-made products for your brand, you can contact us to get a pleasing ordering experience. It is because our team would follow the whole process, from selling sample developments to bulk productions. In the customized shoes, our MOQ is 300 pairs/style/color, and the lead time is within two months.

Various Children's Shoes are Available

We have been dedicated to children's shoes for decades, so we have developed several series of children's shoes, from school shoes to children's winter boots. Then, in school shoes, we also offer you a myriad of designs and styles. Therefore, your product category would become more distinguish from other shoe stores.

Moreover, we not only manufacture the standard children's shoes but also launched children's orthopedic shoes. We have a self-own children's orthopedic shoe brand named “Princepard”. If you happen to want to purchase children's orthopedic shoes to enrich the product category of your store and widen your target customer group, you can contact us to become our agent and/or distributor of our proprietary brand “Princepard”.


All in all, we would be a good school shoes supplier for your store or brand! Our school shoes are the perfect combination of traditional shoe crafts and modern shoe techniques and design concepts. If you have some questions about ordering products, you can contact us to get more info! Our email is

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